How To Clean Outside Windows Yourself


How to Clean the Outside Windows Yourself!

Despite the fact that you may have been cleaning your own windows for many years, the best way to have genuinely clean glass is by having the outside windows cleaned professionally.


If you prefer to do it yourself, it is advisable to try the task twice every year since it is such a challenging task, even though a more frequent clean would be the better choice in order to maintain a truly presentable home. With that in mind, if  you are prepared to do the window cleaning yourself, here are a few things to consider to get the job done right, first time!



To start with, remove the window screens. Since this is a somewhat frustrating task, it is better to try to do this all at once. Get this part over with in one go, it will save you alot of grey hairs! You will most likely need a step ladder since many of the windows will not always be reachable from ground level.

Before climbing the step, ensure that it is on a flat and safe surface. Health and Safety regulations require you to have someone hold the ladder if over a minimal height, so get your family or friends involved as well. When you remove the fly screens, mark the screens, or arrange them in such a way as you know which screen came from which window


The following stage is to gather the tools that you’ll require.

Despite the best intentions and efforts, most window cleaners will leave streaks, so here is a suggestion.

A cheaper, streak free method, can be made by combining water and dishwashing cleanser. Add around one teaspoon of cleanser with a gallon(4 litres) of water.
Ensure that you don’t use too much detergent or the excess detergent will leave streaks. One of the best and most important tools for window cleaning is a squeegee. In spite of the fact that it is ok from time to time to clean the windows with spray and paper towels, a squeegee will do a better job in a shorter space of time. You will also require a lint free cloth .

Now the time has come to do the genuine window cleaning.


Add the water and detergent to your cleaning applicator and apply scrub the outside of the window. Once wet and cleaned, put the squeegee at the highest point of the window and drag descending until you hit the base. Next, move the squeegee along to the next area, overlapping the previous by about an inch, and, with the squeegee lower towards the area already cleaned in order to allow water to flow up the squeegee and exit on the un wiped section. Wipe the squeegee dry with a dry cloth in between movements. Repeat this procedure until the whole window is water free and clean.


So that the windows don’t get re dirtied when the screens are put back, they should be cleaned as well. The most effective way to do this is by using clean or foamy water, giving them a good scrub, and, then drying with a towel.


Using these steps will make your windows shine, increase the brightness of your home, and create a more healthy family environment.



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