1What is window cleaning?

Window Cleaning is an important way of keeping your home or business looking in peak condition.

Shining glass presents a jewel like sheen to the outsides of your home, and, also lets in more light to the interior, meaning that your property is more presentable and with a brighter radiance

2What use a professional?
Professional window cleaning means that you save both time and money. Many times clients say that a job that takes a professional a couple of hours can take them a day or more. When you factor in the amount you would expect to be paid per hour, you save a lot of money by hiring a professional. In addition, the job will be better and with no personal injury risk.
3What is Pure Water Technology?

Everyone knows that ladder climbing is risky. However, people today cannot just use the hose on their glass because of water impurities in the Perth area.

Pure water technology is a vast improvement on using the hose...The brush will scrub the windows,and, by using a continuous water supply, time is saved. And, with the pure water that is used in this process, no calcium or lime marks are left on the glass.

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